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野生虎乳芝片 Wild Tigerus Milk Mushroom Sclerotia Slice
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Product SKU LF002
Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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产品介绍 Intro

虎乳芝被誉为大马国宝,珍贵且稀有,帮助抗过敏,抗菌,抗炎,改善呼吸道系统,保护肺部健康等。虎乳芝因数量稀少被中国食用菌杂志鉴定为10 大珍贵开发之药用真菌。


  • 舒缓咳嗽
  • 止咳润肺
  • 改善鼻敏感
  • 改善呼吸道敏感
  • 增强肺部功能 增强免疫力



Benefit :

  • Soothing cough Cough and lung
  • Improve nose sensitivity
  • Improve respiratory sensitivity
  • Enhance lung function Enhance immunity

Features :

Sulfur free High-quality origin Herb 0% preservative 0% artificial color Suitable for Difficulty breathing, coughing, high blood pressure, nasal allergies, colds and colds, chronic bronchitis, smokers, second-hand smoking, chronic coughing, long-term pollution workers

使用方式 How to use

平日 每日次数 每次份量 (可依据个人口味调节) 水量 (可依据个人口味调节) 水温 切记注明 适合素食者。

由于此产品是天然原料,颜色自然会依照天然原料而改变,如果介意请勿下单哦。 图片仅供参考 如果症状持续,请咨询医生。

How to take :

Per day (Times) Per times (Servings) Volume Water The amount can be adjusted according to personal taste. Precaution Suitable for vegetarians.

Since these product ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If your mind, please do not place an order. Photo is for reference only If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips

本产品适合存放于阴凉干燥处,避免阳光直晒与潮湿存放。如孕妇想要服用虎乳芝,可先咨询医生 的意见。

This product is suitable for storing in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and humidity.

安全认证 Safety 

  • 纯天然药材
  • 无添加色素
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加人工添加剂
  • 素食者可食用
  • Pure natural herbs
  • No added coloring
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial additives added
  • Edible for vegetarian

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