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Whistling 抗原唾液测试笔 WHISTLING TEST AG EAST TEST(1 BOX x 5 PCS)
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产品介绍 Intro

Whistling COVID-19 家庭快速抗原试剂盒 (RTK) 测试允许在家中或办公室等任何地方对 Covid-19 抗原进行自我测试,而无需在医疗机构进行测试。测试过程是市场上所有 Covid-19 RTK Ag 测试中最简单的,使其成为特别适合儿童或老年人使用的理想选择。

Whistling COVID-19 Home Rapid Antigen Kit (RTK) test for allows self testing of Covid-19 antigen performed anywhere like your home or your office, without needing to get tested at a healthcare facility. The test process is the easiest among all the Covid-19 RTK Ag test in the market, making it the ideal choice especially for children or senior citizens to use. 

使用方式 How to use

  1. 将套件从铝箔袋中取出。
  2. 将吸水头插入口中。确保测试套件水平放置。
  3. 用吸水头擦拭口腔和舌头以收集口腔液体。
  4. 当紫色穿过中流中心的结果窗口时,将吸水头从嘴中取出。
  5. 等待 10 分钟并阅读结果。
  6. 使用试剂盒的注意事项
  7. 取样时,轻轻含在口中,让唾液自然吸附在吸水头上。
  8. 测试前至少 30 分钟不要进食、饮水或吸烟。


  1. Take the kit out of the foil bag.
  2. Insert the absorbent tip into the mouth. Make sure test kit is horizontally placed.
  3. Swab the absorbent tip in the mouth and tongue to collect oral fluid.
  4. Take the absorbent tip out from the mouth when the purple color move across the result window in the center of the midstream.
  5. Wait for 10 minutes and read the results.


适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips

Whistling COVID-19 家用快速抗原试剂盒 (RTK) 的规格
灵敏度 93.91%
特异性 99.15%

如果您在 C 和 T 区域看到两条红线,则为阳性结果。线条可以清晰或微弱。您的 Covid-19 检测呈阳性。

确认 Covid-19 病例仍需要进行 RT-PCR 测试。建议您立即就医,即使您可能没有任何症状
请遵循给定的当前 SOP
如果您看到 C 有一条红线,而 T 没有一条线,则为否定结果。

您可能没有 Covid-19。但是,如果您怀疑自己可能接触到病毒,建议您继续监测症状,因为有可能出现假阴性结果
如果您稍后出现症状,建议您进行 RT-PCR 测试以确认
如果您没有看到任何行,或者 T 的一行,这是一个无效的结果。测试没有成功


  • Lollipop design
  • Easy, even for children
  • User-friendly
  • Can be self-administered

Specifications of Whistling COVID-19 Home Rapid Antigen Kit (RTK)
Sensitivity 93.91%
Specificity 99.15%

Interpreting the Results

Positive Result
If you see two red lines by C and T regions, it is a positive result. The lines can be distinct or faint. You are tested Covid-19 positive.

  • RT-PCR test is still required for a confirmation of a Covid-19 case. You are advised to seek medical attention immediately even though you might have no symptoms
  • Do follow the current SOP given

Negative Result
If you see one red line by C, and no line by T, it is a negative result.

  • You probably do not have Covid-19. However, you are advised to continue monitoring for symptoms if you suspect you might be exposed to the virus as there is a chance for a false-negative result
  • If you develop symptoms later on, you are advised to do a RT-PCR test as confirmation

Invalid Result
If you do not see any lines, or one line by T, it is an invalid result. The test did not work

  • You will need to do another test with a new test kit.​​​​​​​
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