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顺康虎乳芝胶囊 Sung Khong Tigerus Capsules(100 Capsules)
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  • 护肺、保肺、止咳平喘 虎乳芝不止能缓解哮喘症状,还能止咳平喘,改善呼吸道以及鼻敏感的症状。长期服用还可改善呼吸,尤其是抽烟及长期深处环境污染的患者。
  • 增强关节功能 虎乳芝具有一定的消炎功能,它对骨痛热症、关节疼痛具有一定的疗效。
  • 有效治疗皮肤敏感 外敷与内服虎乳芝,能舒缓皮肤敏感和湿疹,也能舒缓酒精敏感所引起的疹子,帮助伤口复原。
  • 补气强身,提高人体免疫机能 虎乳芝能增强体力与抵抗能力还能能减轻疲劳,提神及恢复元气。
  • 抗肿瘤 虎乳芝对肿瘤有一定的抵抗能力,能减轻患者化疗后的副作用,使病人更有活力。
  • Protecting the lungs, protecting the lungs, relieving cough and relieving asthma Tiger Milk Mushroom can not only relieve asthma symptoms, but also relieve cough and asthma, improve respiratory and nasal allergy symptoms. Long-term use can also improve breathing, especially in patients with smoking and long-term deep environmental pollution.
  • Enhance joint function Tiger Milk Mushroom has a certain anti-inflammatory function, and it has a certain effect on dengue and joint pain.
  • Effective treatment of sensitive skin External application and oral administration of Tiger Milk Mushroom can soothe sensitive skin and eczema, as well as relieve rashes caused by alcohol sensitivity and help wounds heal.
  • Invigorating Qi and strengthening the body, improving the immune function of the human body Tiger Milk Mushroom can enhance physical strength and resistance, and can also reduce fatigue, refresh and restore vitality.
  • Anti-tumor Tiger Milk Mushroom has a certain resistance to tumors, can reduce the side effects of patients after chemotherapy, and make patients more active.

​​​​​​产品介绍 Intro


Sung Khong Tigerus Capsules use Wild Tiger Milk Mushroom, which can help improve pneumonia, nasal allergy, shortness of breath, regulate immunity, hypoxia and other problems.

使用方式 How to use



Adults: Take two capsules twice a day. Take with warm water.

Children: Twice a day, one tablet each time. Take with warm water.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips


虎乳芝,又称老虎奶或虎乳灵芝,是一种珍稀药用真菌。是传统上用来保健养身的,虎乳芝更被称为是马来西亚的国宝呢。相传,“老虎奶” 的命名源自于原住民的口述 —— 哺乳的老虎把乳汁滴在地上让幼虎舔舐,土壤的乳汁却助长出稀有珍贵的药用真菌。

Since these product ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If you mind, please do not place an order. In severe cases, please consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking this product.

What is Tiger Milk Mushroom?
Tiger Milk Mushroom, also known as Tiger Milk or Tiger Milk Ganoderma, is a rare medicinal fungus. Traditionally used for health care, Tiger Milk Mushroom is also known as the national treasure of Malaysia. According to legend, the name of "tiger milk" comes from the dictation of the aborigines - nursing tigers drip milk on the ground for the cubs to lick, but the milk of the soil encourages rare and precious medicinal fungi.

安全认证 Safety 

  1. 纯天然原料
  2. 0% 防腐剂
  3. 0% 人造色素
  4. Pure natural
  5. 0% preservative
  6. 0% artificial color

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1 Btl  = 100 capsules x 300mgs

成分 Ingredients:
Wild Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder