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蜂蜜润喉宝 (甘草味) Throat Soothing Sweet
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 100% 天然草药

  • 不含色素及防腐剂

  • 含蜂蜜成分

  • 酸甜口味

  • 无糖糖果

  • 舒缓喉咙痛和发炎状况

  • 适合三岁以上的小孩服用

容量: 30g / 罐

蜂蜜盐金枣润喉宝, 我是糖, 但是不是一般的糖. 蜂蜜盐金枣润喉宝, 细心呵护你的喉咙, 凝聚草本精华, 时刻关爱健康

服用建议: 2-3小时服用一至五小粒. 适合三岁以上的成年人和儿童.

成分: 甘草, 川贝, 金枣, 蜂蜜



  • 100% Natural Herb

  • Sweet and sour falavor

  • Relieve sore throat

  • Relieve inflammation

  • Cough

  • Sugar free

What is in the box: 30g / bottle

Try our best selling Throat Soothing Sweet, they relieve the discomfort of sore throats in the soothing honey and salt flavour.

Suitable for? Adults and children over three years.

How to take? Dissolve one or five slowly in the mouth every 2-3 hours.

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