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【年年有余】SUNG KHONG 顺康 2023年新春礼篮 CNY HAMPER
Price RM358.00 - RM458.00 RM565.60 - RM665.60
Product SKU HPSK23358B
Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
Size (L x W x H) 79 cm x 34 cm x 84 cm
Availability Out Of Stock


*Essence of chicken with American Ginseng&Cordyceps    上乘鸡精    6X70ML
*Bird's Nest With Ginseng, White Fungus&Rock Sugar    冰糖雪耳燕窝    3x70ML
*Changbai mountain Ginseng (S)    长白山人参(小)    1strip
*SK Braised Abalone    顺康红烧糖心鲍鱼 6头    1tin
*France Wine    法国红酒    750ml
*Hashima Snow Jelly    雪蛤膏    10g
*Featured Cordyceps Flower    精选虫草花    30g
*Premium Jujube    大红枣礼盒    150g

此款礼篮的属于易碎品,选择 WEST MALAYSIA 邮寄服务在运输过程有产品破损,外观破损,可以退回进行维修再次寄出。将自付所有费用(产品,维修费和邮费)。This type of CNY Hamper is fragile. If you choose the WEST MALAYSIA courier service, if the product is damaged during transportation, or the appearance is damaged, you can return it for repair and send it again. All costs (product, repair, and postage) will be paid by the customer.


怡保区 18/1 前下单,新年前收到。邮寄西马地区 13/1 前下单,新年前收到。超过以上日子会在新年后收到。 Order before 18/1 in the Ipoh area will be received before New Year. Order in West Malaysia before 13/1 and receive before New Year. More than the above days will be received after the new year.


怡保派送只适用于怡保区和万里望,霹雳或其他地区请选择西马派送。如果您选择错误的区域,您需要在发货前支付余款。 Ipoh delivery is only suitable for Ipoh area & menglembu area, If Perak or other areas please choose west malaysia delivery. If you choose the wrong area, you will need to pay the balance before delivery.


我们保留权利替代任何同等物品或其他物品,具体取决于库存情况。 We reserve the right to substitute any item that is equivalent or another item depending on stock availability.


以上产品的价格已包含运费。 The prices of the above products already include shipping costs.

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