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  • 天然糖类
  • 益气补血
  • 安神
  • Natural sugars
  • Nourishing Qi and Blood
  • Soothe the nerves
  • 滋阴润燥,咯血、支气管炎、久咳痰喘、阴虚发热

  • 延缓人体衰老,增强免疫功能的功效。

  • 美容养颜,启动衰老皮肤的细胞,使皮肤变得光滑有弹性。

  • 增强免疫力,可促进细胞再生

  • 促进生长发育

  • 补中益气

  • 抗病毒

  • 强心降压增强心脏收缩能力

  • Nourishes yin and moistens dryness, hemoptysis, bronchitis, chronic cough with phlegm and asthma, fever due to yin deficiency

  • Delay human aging, enhance the effect of immune function.

  • Beauty and beauty, activate the cells of aging skin, make the skin smooth and elastic.

  • Boosts immunity and promotes cell regeneration

  • Promote growth and development

  • Antiviral

  • Strengthen the heart and reduce blood pressure, enhance the ability of the heart to contract



  • 优质的葡萄糖氨基酸
  • 保健骨骼和关节
  • 改善关节疾病
  • 强化及促进骨骼的健康
  • 促进关节液和软骨的制造
  • 维持关节及骨骼组织的强健与弹性
  • 舒缓发炎症状
  • 缓解关节疼痛、僵硬与肿胀
  • Bone health. It may
  • Reduce joint pains
  • Helps to promote the production of joint fluid and cartilage
  • Maintains strong and elastic joint and bone tissue
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of inflammation
  • Helps to relieve pains and swelling in joint
  • 强化心脏
  • 补肾壮阳
  • 促进肾上腺素
  • 改善腰酸背疼
  • 增强肌肉爆发力
  • Revitalizes the kidneys
  • Promotes secretion by the adrenal and prostate glands
  • Strengthens the backbone
  • Provided energy for muscles
  • Vitalizes the body


CONFORER FENAX is traditionally used to prevent blockages caused by blood clots and the formation of tumors. It can also help prevent certain health issues related to menopause.

  • 平衡女性荷尔蒙
  • 促进血液循环
  • 滋阴养颜
  • 补气调经助孕
  • 经期间服用可改善瘀阻
  • 预防肿瘤
  • 收经后服用可预防更年期后遗症
  • Regulate female hormones
  • Improve blood circulation
  • The nourishing effect in women after administration
  • Regulation oxygen supply, menstruation, and aids conception
  • Relieves blockage by blood clots and prevents tumors
  • Aging of blood vessels, 
  • Osteoporosis
  • A weakness of the heart

康福乐排毒养颜宝 有效解毒排毒,协助大肠蠕动,清除宿便,美化大小肠,改善皮肤问题,暗疮和痔疮。

CONFORER Co Klens traditionally used for promotes the peristaltic movements of the large intestines to expel old faecal matter, thereby effectively ridding the body from the related health problems.

  • 有效解毒排毒
  • 清宿便、严重便秘问题
  • 舒缓消化不良、胃胀风
  • 刺激肠蠕动
  • 美化肌肤
  • 改善皮肤问题、暗疮和痔疮
  • Effectively neutralize toxins and detoxify
  • Cleanse the intestines
  • Move bowels
  • Remove accumulated faces
  • Stimulate peristalsis
  • Beautify skin
  • Relief sores

康福乐清肝利胆宝 可协助调节肝脏功能,清肝火,强化解毒功能,降胆固醇,可协助降血压,利胆消油脂等。

CONFORER In Cleanse traditionally used for regulating liver function dissipates liver heat, improves detox effectiveness, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, stimulates bile in emulsifying fats, etc.

  • 降胆固醇
  • 降血压
  • 调节肝脏功能
  • 清肝火
  • 利胆消油脂
  • 肝脏排毒
  • Relieve heat in the liver
  • Regulate functions of the gall bladder and production of cholesterol 
  • Strengthen the detoxification function of the liver
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Regulate liver function
  • Liver detoxification

康福乐活血通络宝 能活血化瘀,通经活络,舒张血管,活化红血球,调节血液的浓度。增血液中的含氧量,改善四肢手脚气血循环、预防血栓形成、血管硬化及美化血液作用。

CONFORER B Flow traditionally used for activates the blood, dissolves blood stasis, stimulates menstrual flow, dilates blood vessels, activates red blood cells, regulates blood viscosity, increases blood oxygen content, improves circulation, prevents thrombosis, vascular sclerosis and improves the blood.

  • 预防血栓形成
  • 舒张血管、
  • 调节血液的浓度
  • 改善四肢手脚气血循环
  • 活化红血球
  • 软化血管,防止血管老化 
  • Dissolve blood clots
  • Active the blood
  • Activate the meridian
  • Dilate blood vessels
  • Improve blood circulation to the limbs
  • Prevent aging of blood vessels
  • 增强肺脏呼吸功能
  • 提高抵抗力
  • 舒张支气管促进呼吸顺畅
  • 消除肺部焦油
  • 让血液氧气充足
  • 人不容易疲倦
  • 体力充沛
  • Increase lung respiratory function
  • Improve resistance
  • Diastolic bronchus promotes smooth breathing
  • Eliminating lung tar
  • Gives blood oxygen
  • People are not easily tired
  • Energetic