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金丝官燕(海燕) SK Bird's Nest 100G (12pcs-15pcs)
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 滋阴润燥,咯血、支气管炎、久咳痰喘、阴虚发热

  • 延缓人体衰老,增强免疫功能的功效。

  • 美容养颜,启动衰老皮肤的细胞,使皮肤变得光滑有弹性。

  • 增强免疫力,可促进细胞再生

  • 促进生长发育

  • 补中益气

  • 抗病毒

  • 强心降压增强心脏收缩能力

  • Nourishes yin and moistens dryness, hemoptysis, bronchitis, chronic cough with phlegm and asthma, fever due to yin deficiency

  • Delay human aging, enhance the effect of immune function.

  • Beauty and beauty, activate the cells of aging skin, make the skin smooth and elastic.

  • Boosts immunity and promotes cell regeneration

  • Promote growth and development

  • Antiviral

  • Strengthen the heart and reduce blood pressure, enhance the ability of the heart to contract

产品介绍 Intro


Bird's nest is a nutritional product. The main components are: water-soluble protein, carbohydrates; trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and amino acids that play an important role in promoting human vitality, and have the functions of nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, invigorating the middle and benefiting qi. Bird's nest is not the common bird's nest built under the eaves. Some studies have found that the protein content of bird's nest is very high, but it is not as good as tofu skin and pig skin. Moreover, the protein in bird's nest does not include all kinds of essential amino acids, so it cannot be regarded as high-quality protein. In fact, for human beings, the highest quality protein exists in daily food, such as milk, eggs, fish and so on. However, bird's nest is rich in sialic acid, and sialic acid is also a good thing and has anti-inflammatory effects.

使用方式 How to use

以清水冲洗干净即可,每约3钱的燕窝可炖煮500cc的燕窝。 将浸发好的燕窝放入炖盅内,并加入500cc的水及适量的冰糖。 将炖盅放入电饭锅内,外锅加上一杯水,待电饭锅跳开即可。 如无电饭锅也可以隔水以文火炖煮约20~30分钟。

Rinse with clean water, every 15 gram of bird's nest can cook 500cc of bird's nest. Put the soaked bird's nest into the stew pot, add 500cc of water and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Put the stew pot into the rice cooker, add a cup of water to the outer pot, and wait until the rice cooker jumps off. If you don't have a rice cooker, you can simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes over water.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips

  • 感冒过程中的人不适合吃燕窝
  • 对蛋白质食品有过敏反应的过敏体质者不宜食用
  • 未经治疗或癌症晚期患者不要食用
  • 不满4月的新生儿不能直接吸收燕窝营养,不适合吃燕窝
  • People who have a cold are not suitable for eating bird's nest
  • People with allergies who have allergic reactions to protein foods should not eat them
  • Not to be consumed by patients with untreated or advanced cancer
  • Newborns who are less than 4 months old cannot directly absorb the nutrition of bird's nest and are not suitable for eating bird's nest

安全认证 Safety 

  • 纯天然食品
  • 无添加剂
  • 无色素
  • 无防腐剂
  • 无添加膨化剂
  • 经过严格挑选
  • 无杂质
  • Pure natural food
  • No additives
  • No pigment
  • No preservatives
  • No added bulking agent
  • Carefully selected
  • No impurities

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