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雄鸡牌 冬虫夏草 ROOSTER BRAND Cordyceps Sinensis
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慢性阻塞性肺病(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),其特點是進行性和持續性氣流阻塞,伴隨慢性炎症反應增強,主要由環境暴露於煙霧和吸煙引起,是世界十大死亡原因之一



慢性腎病(Chronic kidney disease)是一種常見的疾病,指的是腎功能的長期喪失,它往往是與其他共病(特別是高血壓、糖尿病和心血管疾病)被診斷出來





1. Cordyceps sinensis beneficial for cardiac arrhythmia
Arrhythmias are a group of conditions that cause the heart to beat irregularly, too slowly, or too fast. In this case, a person's heart may be beating too fast (60 beats/min), too slow (100 beats/min), too early, or in an irregular rhythm.

Symptoms of arrhythmia are dizziness, palpitations, fast heartbeat, feeling weak, shortness of breath, chest pain, and an extra strong heartbeat.

Arrhythmia kills about 50% of people with heart disease, but it can be controlled with an automated external defibrillator, which can reduce mortality if used quickly within minutes of a first heart attack

2. Cordyceps sinensis benefits chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), characterized by progressive and persistent airflow obstruction accompanied by an increased chronic inflammatory response, is mainly caused by environmental exposure to smoke and smoking, and is one of the top ten causes of death in the world

Associated clinical manifestations include dyspnea, chronic cough, low exercise capacity, audible wheezing, and more frequent or prolonged bronchial infections, which can lead to severe weight loss

3. Cordyceps sinensis benefits chronic kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease is a common disease that refers to the long-term loss of kidney function that is often diagnosed in combination with other comorbidities, especially hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease

For most patients with chronic kidney disease, the risk of developing a cardiovascular event outweighs the risk of developing end-stage renal disease, and it was the 18th most common cause of death in the Global Burden of Disease Study

4. Cordyceps sinensis is beneficial for immune regulation
The immune response plays a vital role in maintaining human health by recognizing and killing pathogens, senescent or tumor cells

Immune regulation refers to the ability of the immune system to control various life-threatening diseases such as cancer, human immunodeficiency virus, multiple sclerosis and aging

使用方式 How to use


This product can be used for stewing soup, stewing supplements, stewing with meat, brewing it with boiling water and drinking it as tea, etc.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips


Cordyceps sinensis must be stored in the refrigerator. Please be sure to seal it before storing it to avoid infection by moisture and bacteria in the refrigerator, which will cause the cordyceps sinensis to become damp and moldy.

安全认证 Safety 

  • 无硫磺产品
  • 纯天然药材
  • 无添加色素
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加人工添加剂
  • 素食者可食用
  • Sulfur free product
  • Pure natural herbs
  • No added coloring
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial additives added
    edible for vegetarians

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