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顺康清热宝 SK Qing Re Bao (3g x 12pack)
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  • 消除上火症状
  • 喉咙消炎
  • 流行性感冒
  • 退烧降温
  • 清除湿热症
  • 止腹痛腹泻
  • 止咳化痰
  • 清肺
  • Not easy to fatigue
  • Fever down
  • Throat anti-inflammatory
  • Remove hot and humid
  • Only abdominal pain diarrhea
  • Cough and phlegm


心火的症状 - 眼睛干燥,眼球血丝,便秘,身热面红,失眠多梦。

肝火的症状 - 脾气暴躁,口苦口干,肩膀僵硬,胸闷刺痛感,眼睛干燥,眼球血丝。

脾湿热症状 - 口唇生疮,口臭,牙根发炎,生痰,肚子胀胀,大便干燥粘腻。


1. 反复感冒 - 体弱,流行性感冒。

2. 低热不退 - 发烧温度不高,可是一直不能完全退烧。

3. 喉疼失声 - 喉咙发炎,喉咙痛,沙声

4. 口舌生疮 - 口唇生疮,口臭,牙根发炎

5. 咳嗽痰黄 - 生痰,咳嗽

6. 湿热痢疾 - 腹泻、腹痛、里急后重、脓血样大便,发热,毒血症

  • 发热气
  • 退烧降温
  • 喉咙消炎
  • 清除湿热症
  • 止腹痛腹泻
  • 止咳化痰
  • 清肺
  1. 天然草本
  2. 0% 激素
  3. 0% 副作用
  4. 0% 药物依赖






12岁或以上:一次 两包
6岁或以上:一次 一包
1岁或以上:发烧,发炎,严重上火 =》 半包    ;    轻微发热气 =》1包分3次



1罐= 12包


Heat treasure to help the body quickly remove the heart, liver, spleen dampness. Applicable to exogenous wind-heat, cold fever, dampness, laryngeal pain, cold cough and other symptoms.

Heart, liver, spleen knowledge

Firelight symptoms - dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, constipation, hot face red, insomnia and more dreams.

Anger symptoms - grumpy, mouth bitter dry mouth, shoulder stiffness, chest tightness tingling, dry eyes, bloodshot eyes.

Spleen hot and humid symptoms - lips sores, bad breath, root inflammation, phlegm, stomach swelling, dry stool dry sticky.

[Heat treasure 6 strong point against disease]

1. Recurrent cold - frail, flu.

2. Low fever does not retreat - fever temperature is not high, but has not been completely fever.

3. Throat pain - throat inflammation, sore throat, sand sound

4. Mouth sores - lips sores, bad breath, root inflammation

5. Cough sputum yellow - sputum, cough

6. Hot and humid dysentery - diarrhea, abdominal pain, tenesmus, pus-like stool, fever, toxemia

  • Not easy to fatigue
  • Fever down
  • Throat anti-inflammatory
  • Remove hot and humid
  • Only abdominal pain diarrhea
  • Cough and phlegm
Suitable for

Can remove human toxins, remove lung waste, nourishing lungs, reducing heat! Especially on day and night lit, cough, throat pain, oral ulcers, excessive smoking, high blood sugar, a significant effect! Recently, the weather is changeable, and you can quickly prepare your meal at home to help your family clear their lungs and reduce it. Family size is suitable for eating! For chronic pharyngitis, cough more effective!


Dendrobium, Calculus bovis, essential oil (Erection Blend), Bulbus fritillariae thunbergii,Bombyx batryticatus, Poria cocos wolf, Concretio silicea bambusae, Succinum



Taking advice: (three times a day)
12 years old or above: two packs at a time
6 years old or above: one pack at a time
1 year old or above: Fever, inflammation =》 half package
                                 Normal =》one third package

[Taking two to three consecutive days, for a course of treatment]

  1. Recuperation period: May experience slight pain in the chest, headache dizziness, numbness of the limbs or aches in various parts of the body. Dosage may be reduced, but NOT STOP medication.
  2. Suitable for vegetarians.
  3. Since the ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If you mind, please do not place an order.
  4. For men and women.
  5. The device can not use iron, iron cup, or the effect is reduced, it is recommended to use porcelain or glass
  6. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate patients do not drink wine
  7. Sroke, the heart is extremely weak patients, critically ill patients, pregnant women, underage (16 years old) prohibited drinking.
What’s in the box

1 btl = 12 pack

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What's in the box

1 bottle = 12 pack