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浓缩白凤宝 Pak Fong Pao(30pills)
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 经期强力止痛, 消水肿, 排毒
  • 产后修复和收缩子宫
  • 祛除白带
  • 平衡荷尔蒙
  • 预防妇女病
  • 改善手脚冰凉和冒汗
  • 提高受孕机率
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Postpartum recovery, uterus contraction
  • Remove vaginal discharge
  • Balance hormonal
  • Prevent women's diseases
  • Improve cold hands and feet, sweating
  • Increase probability of conception

产品介绍 Intro

[顺康白凤宝] 采用了独家配方纯天然草药,植物性胶囊,3倍浓缩萃取物炼制而成的。所以容易被身体吸收,不会为身体造成负担。因此能有效改善经痛、月经失调、宫寒与不孕的问题, 是现代女性热肠生活必备的子宫保养品。


[Sung Khong Pak Fong Pao] is refined from an exclusive formula of pure natural herbs, plant-based capsules, and 3 times concentrated extracts. So it is easily absorbed by the body and will not cause on the body. It can effectively improve menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, uterine cold, and infertility. Hence, it is an essential Uterus Care Supplement for modern women. 

Two pills a day to solve menstrual problems.

使用方式 How to use

平日 = 每日1次,每次2粒,配搭暖水服用。疗程3个月-1年。
经期间/产后 = 每日2次,每次2粒,配搭暖水服用。疗程3个月-1年。

Normal = 1 times per day, 2 pills per time, with warm water. 3 months - 1 year for treatment
Menstrual period/Confinement = 2 times per day, 2 pills per time, with warm water. 3 months - 1 year for treatment

适合人士 Suitable for

  1. 经痛:缓解经痛症状,解决月事烦恼。

  2. 宫寒:可以保暖子宫, 改善手脚冰冷,气血双虚的情况。

  3. 不孕:帮助提高受孕机率,怀上健康宝宝。

  4. 白带异常:有效解决白带问题,私密处不再发痒有异味。

  5.  月经失调: 改善月经素乱,月经不再迟来。

  6. 预防妇科病:降低患上子宫肌瘤的机率。

  7. 子宫下垂:帮助呵护子宫,解决卵巢功能异常的问题。 

  8. 荷尔蒙失调:帮忙调节荷尔蒙失调, 脾气不再暴躁。

  9. 性冷感:恢复性欲,促进夫妻生活和谐。

  10.  产后调理:为孕妇祛风,祛水肿,还能帮助瘦身养颜。

  11.  预防更年期症状:改善内分泌失调,帮助维持生殖系统健旺功能。 


  1. Menstrual cramps: Relieve menstrual cramps,  solve menstrual troubles. 

  2. Cold womb: It can keep the uterus warm, improve the condition of cold hands and feet, and deficiency of both vitality and blood.

  3. Infertility: Help to improve the conception of fertility, be pregnant with a healthy baby. 

  4. Abnormal vaginal discharge: Effectively solve the problem of leucorrhea, no more itching, and odor in private areas.

  5. Menstrual disorders: Regulates menstrual cycle, and menstruation is no longer late. 

  6. Prevent gynecological diseases: Reduce the chance of suffering from uterine fibroids.

  7. Uterine ptosis: Help to care for the uterus and solve the problem of abnormal ovarian function.

  8. Hormonal imbalance: Regulate hormones imbalance, no more grumpy temper. 

  9. Sex cold sensation: Restore libido, promote harmonious sexual life.

  10. Postpartum conditioning: Help pregnant women dispel wind and get rid of edema and also help in slimming and skin nourishing.  

  11. Prevention of menopausal symptoms: Improve endocrine disorders and help to maintain the healthy function of the reproductive system.

小知识 Tips


Since these product ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If you mind, please do not place an order.

  1. 服用期间需要保持身体喝足够水, 忌烟, 酒及辛辣, 生冷, 油腻食物。如体虚, 肠热, 湿热者, 可配搭顺康清热宝一起服用
  2. 若症状持续建议就医检查
  1. During the medication, you need to keep your body drinking enough water, Avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy, cold and greasy food. Such as body deficiency, intestinal heat, and dampness. You can take it with Sung Khong Qingrebao.
  2. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

安全认证 Safety 

  1. 纯天然草药
  2. 不产生依赖性和副作用
  3. 不含化学激素
  4. 通过MAL马来西亚卫生部检验(MAL08051668TC)
  5. 植物性胶囊更利于消化
  6. Pure natural herbs
  7. No dependencies and side effects
  8. No chemical hormones
  9. Passed the inspection of MAL Malaysia Ministry of Health (MAL08051668TC)
  10. Plant-based capsules are better for digestion



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6 reviews
What's in the box

1 bottle = 30 capsules

成分 Ingredients:

益母草, 吴茱萸, 白芍, 木香, 茯苓, 白术, 高良姜, 川芎

Leonurus artemisia, Tetradium ruticarpum, Paeonia lactiflora, Radix aucklandiae, Poria, Atractylodes macrocephala, Alpinia officinarum hance, Rhizorna ligustici chuanxiong.