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金银花浓缩18倍 Honeysuckle Concentrate Powder
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The role and efficacy of honeysuckle water:

Honeysuckle water is sweet in taste and cold in nature, and has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying and dispersing wind-heat. It can treat heat syndrome, diarrhea, influenza, sore and furuncle swollen poison, acute and chronic tonsillitis, periodontitis and other diseases.

1. Anti-pathogenic microorganisms. It has a certain inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, Escherichia coli, Shigella, Vibrio cholerae, Typhoid Bacillus, Paratyphoid Bacillus;

2. It has bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects on pneumococcus, Neisseria meningitidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Shigella Shigella, Streptococcus mutans, etc. It has antibacterial and bactericidal effects on influenza virus, orphan virus, herpes virus, and leptospirosis. inhibition;

3. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects, and has a strong effect of dispersing carbuncle and detoxifying, clearing away heat and detoxifying abscess, intestinal carbuncle and lung carbuncle;

4. It has the effect of dispelling heat and dispelling pathogens. It has a certain effect on exogenous wind-heat or early onset of warm disease, body heat, headache, restlessness and less sleepiness, dizziness, dark tongue, dry throat and dry mouth. The honeysuckle tea selected by Weiyu Tea for you can be brewed alone, or can be brewed together with other scented teas, the effect of fighting fire is better and the taste is better.

5. The effect of cooling blood and relieving dysentery has the effect of detoxification, relieving dysentery, cooling blood and pharynx, such as heat-toxic dysentery, diarrhea pus and blood, dampness and temperature blocking throat, sore throat, etc.

使用方式 How to use

每次一包至两包,以1000ml 的温开水冲泡,可供一家大小饮用。冲泡后可放入冰箱冷藏,也可加入冰块当冷饮,建议在24小时内饮用完毕。

One to two sachets each time, brewed with 1000ml of warm water, suitable for a family to drink. After brewing, you can put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, or add ice cubes as a cold drink. It is recommended to drink it within 24 hours.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips


Please store this product in a cool and dry place before opening to avoid moisture and mildew. Pregnant women should not drink herbal tea, if you drink it, please consult your doctor first.

安全认证 Safety

  • 方便携带,方便冲泡
  • 纯天然草本药材配方
  • 无添加色素
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加人工添加剂
  • 素食者可食用
  • Easy to carry and easy to brew
  • Pure natural herbal formula
  • No added coloring
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial additives added
  • Edible for vegetarians

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