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  • 3分钟让关节消炎止痛
  • 14天内愈合关节损伤
  • 30天内促进关节修复
  • 60天完全断根不再复发
  • 无类固醇
  • 无化学
  • 无依赖性
  • 无止痛药

【Flexicure 筋骨膏】
6 大膝盖修复成分
1. 牛膝 ~疏通筋骨 ,促进血液循环 ,消炎止痛
2. 伸筋草 ~治风湿痛 ,祛风散寒 ,除湿消肿
3.透骨草 ~促进关节自动修复
4.山金车 ~治疗创伤瘀伤 ,减轻肌肉酸痛 ,关节炎或风湿痛
5.三七 ~消退瘀血 ,消炎镇痛
6.乳香 ~有效舒缓关节疼痛,肿胀 ,很好的抗炎效果和活血效果

【Flexicure 筋骨膏用法】
只需要每天早晚各涂一次 每次只需要 3 分钟,在膝盖疼痛的地方涂一涂,顺时针1个方向就可以马上舒缓酸痛!然后通经消炎了!

【100%安全使用】拥有: SGS 国际认证 ,CE 认证 ,GMO 认证 ,马来西亚药物管理局认证

Flexicure 筋骨膏也在 2022年荣获 【亚太超级TOP杰出品牌】 也是马来西亚唯一得到这个奖项的关节药膏品牌。

** More than 23,000 feedback that their shoulders pain problems have been totally solved within 2 months ** 【Possible Outcome when use】:

  •  Pain relief for arthritis within 3 minutes
  •  Healed injured arthritis within 14 days
  •  Repair arthritis within 30 days
  •  No recurrence after 60 days

NO Steroids ,NO Chemistry ,NO Dependence after stopped ,NO Painkillers 
1. Achyranthes bidentata ~Dredge muscles and bones ,Promote blood circulation ,Diminish inflammation ,Relieve pain
2. Herba Lycopodii ~Cure rheumatic pain ,Dispel wind and cold ,Remove dampness ,Detumescence
3. Phryma leptostachya ~Promote automatic joint repair
4.Arnica Montana ~Cure wounds and bruises ,Relieve muscle soreness ,Arthritis or rheumatic pain
5.Panax notoginseng ~Eliminate blood stasis ,Diminish inflammation ,Relieve pain
6. Frankincense ~Effectively relieve joint pain and swelling ,Good anti-inflammatory ,Blood activating effects

【How to use?】 It takes only 3 minutes to apply it once every morning and night Apply it on the knee where it hurts, and then smear in one direction clockwise, immediately relieve the pain, diminish inflammation

【100% Safe to Use】 SGS International Certification ,CE Certification ,GMO Certification ,KKM - NPRA Certification

Flexicure had won the 【Asia Pacific Super TOP Outstanding Brand】in 2022, and is also the only pain relief patch brand in Malaysia to win this award

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