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CONFORER康福乐 纳米技术美肤霜 / 能量胶霜 Spec Cream(50gm)
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Brand 康福乐 Conforer
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  • 消炎止痛
  • 杀菌消肿
  • 止痒
  • 淡化黑斑
  • 解决皮肤疾病
  • 舒缓肌肉酸痛,拉伤
  • 保护牙龈,预防蛀牙
  • 疏通鼻塞症状
  • 改善体内血液循环问题
  • 消除肚胀风、消化不良
  • 舒缓生理期不适问题
  • 消除痔疮
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief
  • Sterilization and swelling
  • Antipruritic
  • Fades dark spots
  • Solve skin diseases
  • Relieve muscle soreness and strain
  • Protect gums and prevent tooth decay
  • Unblock nasal congestion symptoms
  • Improve blood circulation problems in the body
  • Eliminate bloating and indigestion
  • Relieve discomfort during menstrual period
  • Eliminate hemorrhoids

康福乐Spec Cream 能量胶霜’是神奇的膏药,采用纯天然的草药成分及高科技的奈米超细开发研制而成,不但保存草药的天然精华,还大大的提高了草药的医疗功效。

Comfortable Spec Cream Energy Gel Cream’ is a miraculous plaster, which is developed and developed with pure natural herbal ingredients and high-tech nanometer ultrafine. It not only preserves the natural essence of herbal medicine but also greatly improves the medical efficacy of herbal medicine.


产品特点 Features:

  • 天然抗生素
  • 可以吃的药膏
  • 高科技纳米技术
  • 烫伤塗上可以立即止痛,令皮膚不起泡,也不會留下疤痕
  • Natural antibiotics
  • Edible ointment
  • High-tech nanotechnology
  • Applying on burns can relieve the pain immediately so that the skin will not foam and will not leave scars


适合用于 Suitable For:

  • 皮肤燙傷
  • 皮肤敏感,痒
  • 肌肉拉伤酸痛
  • 牙龈发炎,肿痛,流血
  • 睡觉会有鼻塞,打呼声
  • 鼻窦炎,鼻子敏感
  • 口腔炎,嘴唇白点、
  • 痔疮发作,出血
  • Skin burns
  • Sensitive skin, itchy
  • Muscle strain and soreness
  • Inflamed gums, swelling, and pain, bleeding
  • Sleeping will have nasal congestion, snoring
  • Sinusitis, sensitive nose
  • Stomatitis, white spots on the lips,
  • Hemorrhoid attacks, bleeding


成分 Ingredients:

果胶 = 天然抗生素,杀菌,过敏等

冰片 = 消炎,止痛,止痒,等

白精油 = 活络筋骨,足进血液循环等

薄荷精油 = 消炎,消肿,提升醒脑等

薰衣草精油 = 肌肤痉挛,僵硬,扭伤,暗疮等,全部經由納米技術研發而成的天然藥膏。

Pectin = natural antibiotics, sterilization, allergies, etc.

Borneol = anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-itch, etc.

White essential oil = activates the muscles and bones, enters the blood circulation, etc.

Peppermint essential oil = anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling, improve refreshing, etc.

Lavender essential oil = skin cramps, stiffness, sprains, acne, etc., all-natural ointments developed by nanotechnology.


服用方法 How to take:

  1. 改善体内的血液循环 = 每天2-3次,每一部分1分钟
  2. 消除肚胀风,消化不良等问题 = 推压排风,每次按摩1分钟
  3. 皮肤烫伤/敏感/痒 = 烫后立刻涂抹伤口,每天最少3次
  4. 肌肉拉伤 = 每天2-3次,某些部位按摩1分钟
  5. 喉咙痛/口腔炎 = 每天2-3次,涂抹在伤口上或把药膏放在舌头上含住
  6. 生理期腹部疼痛 = 涂在头/腹部就可以快速止痛。
  7. Improve blood circulation in the body = 2-3 times a day, 1 minute for each part
  8. Eliminate belly bloating, indigestion, and other problems = push and exhaust, massage for 1 minute each time
  9. Skin burn/sensitivity/itch = apply to the wound immediately after burning, at least 3 times a day
  10. Muscle strain = 2-3 times a day, massage some parts for 1 minute
  11. Sore throat/stomatitis = 2-3 times a day, apply to the wound or put ointment on the tongue
  12. Abdominal pain during menstrual period=apply on the head/abdomen to relieve pain quickly.


切记注明 Precaution:

  1. 素食者可服用。
  2. 由于成分是天然原料,颜色自然会依照天然原料而改变,如果介意请勿下单哦。 
  3. Suitable for vegetarians.
  4. Since the ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If you mind, please do not place an order.



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