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H17 鼻灵宝 NOS-FLOW
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Brand 康福乐 Conforer
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  • 疏通鼻道
  • 改善呼吸和嗅觉
  • 促进气管的舒张
  • 改善鼻子敏感及鼻血
  • 提高鼻子,鼻塞和鼻故障的灵敏度
  • 治疗鼻塞,伤风感冒,流鼻涕,鼻血,鼻窦炎,鼻敏感,花粉症,鼻癌等。
  • 90 粒











  • Clear the nasal tract
  • Improve breathing and the sense of smell
  • Improve sensitivity of the nose
  • Nasal blockage
  • Malfunctions of the nose
  • 90 pills


Air pollution is getting from bad to worse due mainly to rapid industrial developments and more cars on the road. 

This is especially true in urban areas and industrial zones. Therefore those living or working in these environments have a high risk of developing ailments related to the breathing function and the nasal cavities, such as sensitivity, stuffiness, sinusitis, breathing difficulties or even cancer. 

High risk industries are those which generate chemical, organic and dust pollutants: sawmills, foundries, workshops, chemical plants, paint factories, construction sites and garment factories, to name a few. 

Exposure to sudden changes in temperature due to wide use of air-conditioning as well as changes in the weather can cause running nose and nasal congestion. Mites can cause allergic diseases, such as hay fever and asthma. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can lead to long term health complications.

CONFORER NOS-FLOW is a Han herbal formula refined over 19 years effective in clearing blockages of nasal blood vessels and nasal congestion. It will also reduce sensitivity and stop epistaxis, dilate the bronchus for improved respiratory function.

Recuperation period: May experience increased phlegm or running nose. 

Indication: Blocked nose, cold, flu, running nose, epistaxis, sinusitis, hay fever, nasal cancer, etc. 

Dosage: 3 capsules either in the morning or night. Half the dosage for children.

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