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60头云南大田七 YUN NAN TIAN QI-60HEADS 38g
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  • 散瘀血
  • 止血而不留瘀
  • 活血散瘀
  • 能抗血小板聚集,抗血栓形成
  • 促進造血
  • 祛瘀生新
  • 降血压,降缓高血压带来的风险
  • 抗心肌缺血
  • 改善心肌血氧供應
  • 能抑制心肌收縮力
  • 減慢心率
  • 降低外周血管阻力
  • 降低心肌耗氧量
  • Dispel blood stasis
  • Stop bleeding without leaving blood stasis
  • Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis
  • Anti-platelet aggregation and anti-thrombosis
  • Promote hematopoiesis
  • Remove blood stasis and make new
  • Lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • Anti-myocardial ischemia
  • Improve myocardial blood oxygen supply
  • Can inhibit myocardial contractility
  • Slow down the heart rate
  • Reduce peripheral vascular resistance
  • Decrease myocardial oxygen consumption


  • 内分泌失调人群
  • 气血虚、贫血人群
  • 更年期妇女
  • 适用于黑眼圈人群
  • 失眠健忘症人群
  • 工作压力大的人群
  • 50岁以上的老年人



  • 止血:田七有“止血神藥”之稱,散瘀血,止血而不留瘀,對出血兼有瘀滯者更為適宜。
  • 抗血栓:田七具有活血散瘀功效,能抗血小板聚集,抗血栓形成。
  • 促進造血:田七“祛瘀生新”,現代研究證實田七具有補血作用
  • 對血管血壓的影響:田七亦能用于降血压,降缓高血压带来的风险
  • 抗心肌缺血:田七能擴張冠狀動脈,促進實驗性心肌梗死區側支迴圈的形成,增加冠脈血流量,改善心肌血氧供應
  • 能抑制心肌收縮力,減慢心率,降低外周血管阻力,降低心肌耗氧量。



  • 田七


  • 孕妇,月经期间或是刚动手术者,请勿服用。服用本产品之前请先询问您的药剂师或是医生。


Tian Qi is especially suitable for this kind of people:

  • People with endocrine disorders
  • People with deficiency of qi and blood and anemia
  • Menopausal women
  • Suitable for people with dark circles
  • People with insomnia and amnesia
  • Work-stressed people
  • Seniors over 50


The efficacy and role of Tianqi:

  • Hemostasis: Tianqi is known as "the magical medicine for hemostasis", which dissipates blood stasis, stops bleeding without leaving blood stasis, and is more suitable for patients with bleeding and stasis.
  • Anti-thrombosis: Tianqi has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can resist platelet aggregation and thrombosis.
  • Promote hematopoiesis: Tianqi "removes blood stasis and produces newness", modern research has confirmed that Tianqi has the effect of nourishing blood
  • Effects on blood pressure: Tian Qi can also be used to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • Anti-myocardial ischemia: Tianqi can dilate the coronary arteries, promote the formation of collateral loops in the experimental myocardial infarction area, increase coronary blood flow, and improve myocardial blood oxygen supply
  • It can inhibit myocardial contractility, slow down heart rate, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption.



Pregnant women, menstrual period or those who have just undergone surgery should not take this product. Ask your pharmacist or doctor before taking this product.
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